March 2024

Changing Bournemouth's skyline


You may have noticed we had a crane come and stay with us this month to help us replace the old fire escapes with brand new shiny ones. Not just a visual upgrade, but a practical one too, as the building will eventually have more occupants more regularly than its previous use as a department store. 

Its quite a feat having a crane onsite in the middle of town, but luckily we have the space required to position it in our loading bay area conveniently already in use by our contractors - its not just thrown together you know!

As much as we've grown (oddly) fond of the crane, once it goes we wont be saying goodbye just yet as we can expect it back again for more work to the roof in the next few months. 

In other news, the first phase of the lift shaft work has begun with floor breakouts and steels installed - hence the noise (sorry!) this wont last too long though as we expect this package of work to be fully complete this summer!

The Beauty Hall relaunched their central retail space (originally opened up in November, see here) which has had the full works carried out by the brilliant team at Mobel. Designed by Paul Bradburn, the whalebone style certainly brings a wow factor to the Hall, its hard to believe this was once an old escalator. Changeable coloured LED lights illuminate the soft natural wood, creating an enhanced shopping experience.