November 2023

New space on the Ground Floor


This month, we opened up the old escalator void to create a new retail space on the ground floor. As we are no longer a big department store, there is no need for an escalator and we would much rather have the Beauty Hall put the space to better use! The escalator was removed in August 2022 and this first phase of opening it up comes before its final makeover next spring. 

We are also planning for a crane to land on-site in order to install new fire escapes for the rear of the building. This is another element of our 'change of use' works, as the old fire escape was no longer suitable for the number of people we will soon have occupying the building once all the floors are in use. We are also repositioning this to allow us space for a new courtyard area, with more details to come on this, we are excited to expand our outside areas and use as much of the buildings footprint as we can.