August 2023

Sun terrace glow up pending...


It's all happening on the roof...

A part of Spetisbury's extensive roof repairs include removing the old disused and rather dishevelled sun terrace, which still manages to look amazing even with years of neglect! A brand new sun terrace will eventually open in its place, however will be an outside space to be enjoyed by patrons of the 4th floor restaurant. In a way, we're sad to see it go but are even more excited to see its replacement.

During the strip out works, we were able to salvage the original stage still in tact, which was once used for the many events hosted in Bobby's all those years ago. Keep your eyes peeled as we'll be using this again soon elsewhere in the building!

We opened up one of our Ground Floor windows in June, but had to press pause on this due to a crack appearing and the space needing structural work before we continued with opening it up. We have now rebuilt, repaired, sealed and painted the window and can officially launch our new window! It may seem minor to some, but the windows are a key part to play in opening up to the Square, letting all the natural light in once again for a much more enjoyable shopping experience and atmosphere. Original Bobby & Co. were renowned for their window displays, so we wanted to bring an element of this back by becoming more visible to the Square and to utilise this new space.