May 2023

Spetisbury join us on the roof


Highlights of this month include local contractor, Spetisbury Construction joining us onsite to initiate the roof work, Kiwi start their strip out of 3rd floor, and light touch works are carried out to the old escalator void. 

Spetisbury Construction Ltd, based in Wimborne, are a medium sized regional contractor specialising in commercial and industrial premises. Having worked on various National Trust sites, conservation is a focal point for their expertise, which was absolutely key for the nature of our project as we want to restore as many of the original features as possible as well as preserve the building for the next generations.

This month, they started to tackle the mammoth job that is repairing, and where needed, rebuilding our roof, which is scheduled to take around 12 months to complete. The roof, which has not been maintained in decades, is also not water tight. The quick patch up jobs completed by our previous owners unfortunately resulted in endless flooding and damage to the integrity of the roof. 

Work has started to finally have the roof waterproof again (after many many years!) which will include structural repairs and entire roof replacement in some areas. 

Kiwi have also started stripping out our 3rd floor, once housing the Homeware department in Debenhams. All flooring, ceilings and stud walls are being removed ready for work to begin, starting with the acoustic flooring. 

Other light touch work this month was carried out on the escalator void, where the escalator used to service the ground floor up to 2nd. All 3 floors now have a void in the centre which will once again be integrated into the rest of the floors, as connecting them all is no longer necessary for what we are now using the building for.