June 2023

Our 3rd floor gets new windows


Scaffolding, scaffolding and more scaffolding ūüė¨ sorry! This month we have accessorized the building, courtesy of Triton Scaffolding, at the front to install new windows to the 3rd floor for Gozney and at the rear to remove the old fire escape. 

Since acquiring the building in 2021, one of the first jobs we started on was uncovering the windows which had sadly been blacked out and boarded up to allow for retail space. We opened up these beautifully ornate original windows on our 1st and 2nd floors, however as our 3rd floor was not planned to be opened to the public, we held off until we could replace the windows (like for like style of course) as many of them were damaged beyond repair. The windows will now be useable for years to come by the 3rd floor tenant Gozney, who will move in to the space when it is completed in the autumn. Kiwi Design are continuing their initial fit out work in preparation for the M&E to commence. 

The fire escape at the rear of the building is being taken down to firstly allow for roof work in this area to begin and eventually this area, which has historically always been out of bounds for the public, will be transformed into a courtyard area, accessed by the 1st floor and privately by Gozney who will have an outside terrace for their office space on the 3rd floor. 

Last but not least for this month, we have opened up a new window in the Beauty Hall! This comes as a part of the ongoing renovations carried out to this floor. Through uncovering this window, as with many of the projects we have worked on throughout the building, we found that further structural work needed to be carried out before we start on the painting and decorating, so this unfortunately has to return to construction for now, but stay tuned as we will open this window as soon as we possibly can!