January 2024

New year, same project.


As we prepare for work to commence for 2024, we can start to look ahead at some of the work we have scheduled for this year...

Starting with the brand new lift we are installing, due for completion this summer! As some of you might remember from our previous tenant, we did have additional lifts situated in the middle of each floor, however, as each of our floors are now separate, there was a need for an additional lift to add to our main entrance. The largest engineering feat we will accomplish during this project, the lift itself is a huge investment, but one that is necessary for when the building is fully occupied.

We'll also be giving the fasica a bit more love this year, starting with our loyal companions, Franco Manca, as the frontage on this side of the building has not had any work done on it so far. Structural repairs will be carried out as well as reparations to the balconies above. The new frontage will be finished with green tiling and a red canopy (in true Franco Manca style) to complete it. We will then be exposing the original brass and windows that are currently sitting underneath temporary green hoarding, once restored, they will look incredible and of course pay homage to the original style of the building. 

This brings us along to the old 1960s facade, which currently could be mistaken as a different building all together as it is quite a bit different to the rest of the front. We are using this to our advantage to really make it stand out, by adding new cladding and faux greenery. Why not real greenery you ask? Well, as it turns out, due to the positioning of the building and its proximity to the sea, it would be incredibly difficult for plants to survive, so we are opting for a faux option. That being said, it will be made of recycled materials!

We've so much more to come this year, but this is what you can expect to see first!